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Ginger & Nuts

Ginger and Nuts are a cheeky and unpredictable duo who make chores like ironing, cleaning and gardening less boring! Their unique ability to engage and interact with listeners helped them to achieve ‘Best Community Radio Show’ status.

Every week, they update listeners with the latest stories that caught their eye, as well as fun competitions and interviews with extraordinary guests from all over the world including!! 

Ben Kelly’s Report!

Ben Kelly is a remarkable individual who doesn’t let his physical disability stop his ability to be part of local radio.

Known across Birmingham for his enthusiasm, Ben has teamed up with Ginger and Nuts to produce a short report. Darren (‘Nuts’) said: “Our show reaches a diverse audience, and we always aim to be inclusive in what we do, so we’re delighted to team up with Ben.

Joker John

Every week, John (aka Darren’s dad) teams up with Ginger and Nuts to share some of the funniest jokes around. It’s a laugh a minute in the studio, and he often leaves the cheeky presenters, and listeners begging for more! It goes without saying that John is unpredictable, and some of his jokes are unbelievably saucy, but there’s no stopping him! Don’t miss the jokes

Unbelievable! Mike’s Moan a Minute

Mike’s Moan a Minute uncovers the truth! Well, according to him anyway. He is one of those oddballs who just love to complain and grumble about anything. From Brexit to crop tops, TV Licenses to camping, there’s really no pleasing this old git when something rattles his cage! Drop Ginger and Nuts a message if you know something that would wind up the #1 complainer! 

Nikky’s Quirky News

Every week, Ginger and Nuts will link-up with Nikky Smart, who will update listeners with the latest quirky stories from around the world. From Vagina Perfume to charity shop workers offering quickie sex sessions. Nikky’s Report can be heard every week on the Ginger and Nuts show.

Nikky got the ‘radio bug’ after being a cheeky weather girl for ‘Cheeky Daz’. For the last three years, she has been a presenter and producer at Hospital Radio Wrexham. She loves anything Disney, as well as musicals and also has a varied taste in music. 

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