Singer-songwriter Jana Vollenweider, known as J.Ann, was born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1997. As an independent artist, she does everything from songwriting to recording and sound design, getting assistance only for mixing and mastering. J.Ann puts her heart and soul into her music projects. Every song she produces is very personal and authentic.

At the age of seven I wanted to learn to play the piano. My motivation was to accompany my singing, which was strange, since I didn’t even sing at that time. I started taking piano lessons. Years later I decided to take singing lessons, too. I made my wish come true by writing my first song, finding a way to express my thoughts and feelings at the age of 15. Even today the piano is fundamental to me, because I write my songs by playing on the piano while singing. Since the beginning of my songwriting journey I have found it really important to write meaningful lyrics. I create the melody, lyrics and piano accompaniment simultaneously, because I believe they have to work together to create different moods for each song.

J.Ann attended a talent school where she was able to combine music with education. Today she is an undergraduate student of speech and language therapy. J.Ann received international airplay with her single “I will hold you” which has been rerecorded for her debut album “Take A Chance” set for release Spring 2020.

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